Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Tom

Since it's just you visiting here regularly I thought I'd explain the political prose, as it is very dualistic and not our usual flavor. I have been a moderator of a cool little political website for a couple years now. The two forums there under my care are "9/11" and the "Spiritual" forums, but I also participate in discussions and by assisting with moderating in all the forums there. My political ideology is far left, as in socialist, and the last couple of posts here were ones I posted recently there. Just wanted to put them up with my writings at this little corner of the illusion of "me and the world".

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts on Revolution



A turning.

The power of collected energy in motion.

The potter turns her wheel, creating containers to fill with life force.

The grinding stone making meal.

The oxen are pulling and the cart wheels are turning.

Earth beckons the sun of a new day.

The turning from winter to spring, spring to summer and the bounty turns into harvest.

Revolution happens as a natural course of life, and we learn the graceful dance that turns our celebration into exuberant joy at the feast of our communion as we share the wealth of the natural revolution.

Breaking the Chain of Imposed Ideological Concepts

The manipulation of concepts in order to evoke feelings associated with memory from implanted images and stories, originally placed strategically by the very same manipulaters in order to evoke desired response from the general citizenry, is the closed loop of ideological slavery by extremely narrow and limited use of words and communication that we accept and continue to use in our temporary, hypnotic state. We must consciously bolden ourselves to find all means to break the links of the shackles that bind us to our current host of slave masters. One of the first awakenings in this struggle to be free is the ability to see and fully accept how we are being enslaved and through what entities and personalities.

The thoughts and words that must be freed are rooted in ideologies that we learn to accept from the time of our birth. An extremely valuable device available to us by which we can begin to free ourselves can be difficult to accept initially because it often requires the willingness to pass through a phase of much fear and confusion. This device is given to us when we are willing to cut ourselves from all ideologies, beliefs and self-identifications that do not originate from our very own, personal experience of our world. We have to take ownership of our own lives in order to begin to be free from tyranny. As an example, if we are raised from birth to accept an imposed belief of a religion and all that goes with it, we have to be willing to question deeply within ourselves exactly what is told to us as being the truth, and weigh those imposed beliefs against our very own, personal experience of the world we nakedly percieve before us. This needn't necessarily require rejecting those beliefs or our family and friends who hold to those beliefs, but it does require fostering the ability to set aside ALL impositions upon our perception of the world before us with the willingness to practice exchanging the one for the other. I can say from my own experience of acquiring and using this device that it is possible to begin to experience the ability to see through the fog a path that points to freedom.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Church of The Holy Capital

To worship in The Church of the One True Capitalism and recieve the blessings of the All Powerful God of Capital one must follow the correct procedures laid out by the Holy Clergy of Divine Banksters.

There is a divine order to the rituals of Capitalism and it is a hiearchical structure that recognizes power and greed as its foremost tenents of worship. If one is willing and able to make every sacrifice of the weaknesses of all that is equal and noble in the world for the sake of power and greed, and if one finds grace bestowed by the hand of a church benefactor, then one has a chance to step into the sacred order of the holy church. Learning mantras of subtler and more cunning greed, and secret rituals and deals of manipulation of the chalice of capital one has been graced with, one can then learn to become a church elder, holding aloft his own sacred coffer of the one great capital and weilding its power over the masses of commoners now standing pitifully beneath him as they grovel, pine and beg for the opportunity to be graced with a loan, or maybe three, by which they can taste of the bittersweet fruits that bleed from the vine of The One Great Capital....and with interest abound!!!

This interest aforementioned is the sweet juice that is bled from the masses with which ranks of the elders of the church pass upword to the great and powerful High Priests that they may feed their God of Greed by way their own act of consumption, for their devouring mouths are His mouth, their enormous bellies are His belly, their consumption of the offerings, tithes and righteous usurpings from the sea of consuming masses is His great and mighty pleasure.

And out of their compassion and stewardship over the sea of starving consumers, the High Priests trickle down sacred trinkets to feed to them, things molded from the very Earth that are created with the sole purpose of sustaining and judiciously feeding the addictions of the wayward senses that the masses of consumers have come to love more than life itself.

And the masses sing forth the hymn of their writhing praise to the Great God of Capital "Me more stuff, and stuff me more", and they follow the roaring river of the consumption of Earth, and even the very consumption of their own lives, that they may become wraiths, holding on to the stuff of their trinkets in the eternal dream of the plastic, fast food heaven that their Great and Greedy God Capital has provided for them.

Oh glory be to the highest destroyer of beauty, kindness and equality. We shall all be your mouths and bellies of rapacious consumption to the bitter end of this holy dance of annihilation.