Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breaking the Chain of Imposed Ideological Concepts

The manipulation of concepts in order to evoke feelings associated with memory from implanted images and stories, originally placed strategically by the very same manipulaters in order to evoke desired response from the general citizenry, is the closed loop of ideological slavery by extremely narrow and limited use of words and communication that we accept and continue to use in our temporary, hypnotic state. We must consciously bolden ourselves to find all means to break the links of the shackles that bind us to our current host of slave masters. One of the first awakenings in this struggle to be free is the ability to see and fully accept how we are being enslaved and through what entities and personalities.

The thoughts and words that must be freed are rooted in ideologies that we learn to accept from the time of our birth. An extremely valuable device available to us by which we can begin to free ourselves can be difficult to accept initially because it often requires the willingness to pass through a phase of much fear and confusion. This device is given to us when we are willing to cut ourselves from all ideologies, beliefs and self-identifications that do not originate from our very own, personal experience of our world. We have to take ownership of our own lives in order to begin to be free from tyranny. As an example, if we are raised from birth to accept an imposed belief of a religion and all that goes with it, we have to be willing to question deeply within ourselves exactly what is told to us as being the truth, and weigh those imposed beliefs against our very own, personal experience of the world we nakedly percieve before us. This needn't necessarily require rejecting those beliefs or our family and friends who hold to those beliefs, but it does require fostering the ability to set aside ALL impositions upon our perception of the world before us with the willingness to practice exchanging the one for the other. I can say from my own experience of acquiring and using this device that it is possible to begin to experience the ability to see through the fog a path that points to freedom.

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