Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Tom

Since it's just you visiting here regularly I thought I'd explain the political prose, as it is very dualistic and not our usual flavor. I have been a moderator of a cool little political website for a couple years now. The two forums there under my care are "9/11" and the "Spiritual" forums, but I also participate in discussions and by assisting with moderating in all the forums there. My political ideology is far left, as in socialist, and the last couple of posts here were ones I posted recently there. Just wanted to put them up with my writings at this little corner of the illusion of "me and the world".


  1. Hi NPZ, thanks for the background info (and my very own post). My political leanings are, also, generally to the left. It does seem however, to be an area where there is a lot of temptation to become judgmental. What do you find?

  2. Lot's of judgement, yes. And the powers that be help perpetuate those tendencies because controlling divisiveness amongst the masses assures their successes. Keeping us divided and fearing one another is one way to keep us from getting together and organizing for social justice and freedom from tyranny. There is one particular factor that contributes to the temptation to be judgemental and is the very same drive that keeps the corporate-elite in control of society, and that is greed. When "people" are under the illusion that this passing show in the appearance of a flesh container is all that they are, they tend to exhibit selfish behaviors in order to make sure their sensual needs are fulfilled often to excess, like colonies of crabs grabbing their food from their little protective shelters.

    Opening, awakening, self expansion that leads to awareness that inclusiveness of all creation is our very own being is the only movement I can currently see that might provide a chance of saving humans from self annihilation.

  3. I hear what you're saying about the power possessors in paticular, and human selfishness in general. I feel that "awareness that inclusiveness of all creation is our very own being" can not only possibly save humanity, but that it helps me regarding what I tend to assess as selfish behavior in others,and society at large. It doesn't mean I have to like it or not try to do something about it, but it keeps me more balanced and potentially constructive. Have you had that experience?

  4. I deleted my last rambling response. A whole lotta words.

    In response to your question, yes, that has been my experience.

  5. Hi NPZ, I've been a bit under the weather lately, so I didn't have the energy to respond to your longer response. I'm glad we have that "balancing" experience in common.

  6. Sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon. One other thing I posted in the longer response was on topic with our discussion, the rest was a big rambling mess:-D

    The other thing was that I feel that my judging of others beyond practical observation manifests when a conceptual fantasy of the experience arises and takes the place of the true event. The judgement appears as duality and "others" are created from my perception of myself and another. When that judgement is released all that is just happens, and the events of the moment of being have no qualities given by an assumed, separate self. That freedom of seeing makes what was before other people doing things that were seen as consequential to me, now seen as a play, and others are seen to be just the playing out of all kinds of drama that HAS NO MEANING. Beneath the drama is the self nature that is wearing infinite masks, and the meaning is seen to be the naked experience of the absolute from within the totality of the fantastic expression of consciousness/energy.

    The exchange is much appreciated, don't stress having to respond immediately or any of that.

  7. Thanks, I'm feeling better.
    I know what you mean by "a conceptual fantasy of the experience arises." Coincidentally, just before reading your comment, I posted this quote from Tony Parsons, "my seeing is the same as yours, only mine is uncluttered."
    I also really appreciate the exchange. Please forgive the brevity of my response---I've got to sign off for now to get ready to go to work.